Process Evaluation and Optimization
Tailored business processes, models, and systems are key for an R&D organization. They are the foundation for a business to efficiently operate. In addition, it is important to have a good insight in the available resources with the right experience, skills and motivation.
In practice, however, processes are often far from optimal and not standardized or harmonized between functional departments or therapeutic areas. Especially, the challenges of working in an R&D matrix organization are often not addressed: functional departments may have their own processes and communication with adjacent functional units is generally suboptimal. The same applies for systems used; different tools are used to managing similar processes. Finally, departments often have not a good insight in the required versus available resources, thus lacking a total overview.

How can Maetriq help?
Maetriq acts as an independent intermediate with an objective approach to address efficiency issues. We develop and implement solutions to increase transparency and efficiency of complex organization. We perform process analysis and optimize your processes, tools and organizations and guides change management within your organization. If desired, Maetriq can develop and implement a Project Management methodology to perform process optimization in your organization. 

Our services include:
• Building and implementing organization-specific models for Process Optimization;
• Performing process analysis and optimizing of processes, tools and organizations using our specific
• Performing change management trajectories;
• Implementation of (complex) project management systems, such as integrated scheduling systems for
   efficient management of time, costs, resources, and milestones;
• Development and implementation of “Breakdown Structures”;
• Benchmarking.

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