QUICK SCAN - Identification of Potential Improvements

Insight in the Efficiency of Your R&D Project Management Organization

R&D Project Management in Life Sciences is very complex. R&D organizations execute multiple development projects simultaneously using a variety of complex procedures and systems. This complexity complicates communication and very often leads to loss of efficiency and quality. Probably, this sounds very familiar.

Our Quick Scan
Competitive R&D organizations are constantly looking for improvements and Maetriq supports these organizations in optimizing their Project Management. Where companies may have become biased over the years, Maetriq provides a fresh and objective view on the organization and their processes, models, and sytems. In order to quickly get an understanding of possible opportunities for improvement, Maetriq provides a “Quick Scan”.

Maetriq’s Quick Scan of R&D Project Management organizations typically focuses on the 3 main questions: WHO, HOW, and WHY. Our Quick Scans are based on interviews with key stakeholders in the organization.

No Bulky Reports
Maetriq will provide a concise and objective report that presents the findings of the Quick Scan, including a SWOT analysis. It will give an insight in the maturity level of the Project Management organization and, if applicable, will include recommendations and suggestions for improvements.

Find out how our Quick Scan helps to identify potential improvements in your organization. Please give us a call or contact us via e-mail; click here for our contact details. We are more than happy to give you more information or to make a non-committal appointment with you.

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